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The Music is the Soul of dance When you Become the Soulmate.

Dance is an Art, Its not just a course to learn. Dance Shows that you are alive. Let the dance enter your heart & it will never leave your heart.

Being The First Dance Class in Kota We feel proud. We not only make you dance but we make you a dancer.

We Do

  • Teach you the latest
  • Belive in Giving the best
  • Provide always new and unique
  • make you dance, Not just learn the moves
  • make you compete in compitions
  • Give the profeesional training
  • Various Courses according to your Strength
  • Hessle free Service

Private Classes

We also have the private sessions for those who want to learn privatly.

For that the applying criteria is same with the difference is in fee structure.

Class Routine

Day Morning Evening
Monday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm
Tuesday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm
Thursday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm
Friday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm 5pm to 9pm